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Heya! You can call me Scribbles; I've bounced on over from Tumblr because I've been meaning to spread my wings to new (and probably so much better) websites that aren't a shit-storm. Hopefully, you find some entertainment from my scribbled stories!! Feedback and even some small messages are welcome. I don't bite!

Pokemon Buddies!!

Here is a commission I finished for a friend. Her and her sweet Pumpkaboo buddy.

It's my first ever commission done for art, and also first proper try at doing a person in art and not immediately throwing it away. So please excuse the vanilla-ish look of the person.

Any feedback or tips would be appreciated!!

Pokemon Buddies!!

Another Pokemon Piece! This time its my own team and I'm super proud of it.

Totally Forgot About This Site!

I feel kinda bad that I haven't put anything on here, but tbh I was so caught up with keeping my Tumblr runnning that I forgot about Waterfall.

I'll be transferring some of my stories onto here. And also putting more art here. But anyway, hows everyone doing? Hope you're all doing ok!

Galaxy Croc is super protective of his Sun and Stars. The centre of his universe that never stops shining for him.

This is an old Christmas piece that I did that included my Bronze Dragon, but I thought I'd share it cause I'm proud of it!!

serenitydusk asked:

Hello! Ok, I did not know you were an artist tooooooo.... I musta missed the memo, but your art is amazing!

SerenityDusk (rp)/Sunrisehoneybee (main)

Yeah! I kept it a little off the Tumblr ego blog since it wasn't fan-fiction related. But I do draw occassionally!! And thank you!

I play The Isle alot, and I love the Ceratosaurus designs. They're adorable little murder machines. So, I just had to draw my Ceratosaurus from the game that valiantly died to a Rex attack.

Rest In Peace, little Cerato.

Another piece with my lovely purple boi! I really want to get into actual ocean scenes, and this was my first time attempting to do actual ground textures and scaling the ocean bois with humans.

Definitely will be doing more with this gorgeous beast!

silver -

i wanted so badly for there to be an alolan rapidash! nintendo dashed my dreams, but nobody can stop me from making my own! it's a psychic/fairy type :D

scribblesandswirls -

So gorgeous!!!!

New Blog! New Content!

Good Evening, Dolls

I've wandered on over to here to spread my content to others that might be interested. What I'm planning for this blog is:

- Stories based on my DnD adventures. Both as the DM (Dungeon Master) and as part of the part. - Monster Stuff. Which includes horror based stories, or Teratophilia content. - Ideas I need to write down and work on because I literally never not think about pieces of cool writings or drawings. - Original Character content. - Maybe some Fan-Fiction; because why not show some love for the characters I love.

I hope you enjoy the blog and that I continue to practice my art and writing skills! Leave me a message or an ask, I'm always opened for ideas or just to talk.


Ok, so Ryuu (the bronze dragon) is based off of my Dragon companion I used when DMing in campaigns. Like a threatening reminder to the party that if they piss me off they WILL have to deal with the Goddess Wrym!!!

But I also love the idea of a big scary dragon who would burn villages being friends with a smol, gentle arcane Dragon. So, I doodled the two together!

nerdqueenkat-deactivated-2019MayThu-190523090546-4142 asked:

Scriiiiiiiibs! it me Kat :D So far this platform is alright compared to others

Heya! So good to see you here! And yeah, so far it's pretty good. Nothing too bad yet XD we'll see how well it goes :P

My good boi and his little sharky friends!! Don't have a name for the big Octopus yet, but I'm really proud of how this polished up.